Wednesday, May 18

Did I mention that the west coast is far away?

BOSTON 7 (23-16) WON 1

OAKLAND 5 (15-24)

I like winning much better then losing. Thanks to the much mocked Edgar Renteria we won last night. For a while it really looked like it was going to be another one of those nights of missed oppurtunites. People left on base and just not scoring runs when we had the chance. Then in the 8th that all change. Renteria came in with the bases loaded and hit a single to the outfield. It looked like a single that would score a run or two but there was an error on the play and three runs scored. He got a triple on the play. He ended up scoring as well to give us the final tally. A win is good, especially since those damn Yankees keep winning. Damn them.

I got to tell you, the NESN guys make me laugh. They are funny. When things get slow they just start talking about random stuff left and right. Last night Extra Innings cut away for a commercial but we stayed with the game and the guys. They were making jokes about how good they both smelled and how good they looked. It was very funny. They have there little wally doll who is there mascot. Early in the year there was a whole big thing about how they needed to get him a ring. So they did. Then one night it fell out of the booth into the netting below. They were able to fish it out with a stick but it was a pretty fun little scene.

Guess that’s all I have to say for now. The boys are getting spanked something fierce this afternoon. Looks like a 2-4 road trip. No good.


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