Friday, May 13

Walk off Homer #2

OAKLAND 5 (14-20)

BOSTON 6 (21-13) WON 3

Yes sir, the Sox are looking good these days. For the second day in a row the boys won with a walk off two run homerun in the bottom of the ninth. Matt Clement pitched a good game only to get screwed over by Keith Foulke who gave up 4 RUNS in the top of the ninth. That was topped off by a two out, two strike home run that drove in the go ahead run. Things didn’t look good for the sox but then Varitek came through with the clutch home run that sent Fenway into yet another tizzie. Manny also had a two run home run on the day and Damon continues to have the hot bat.

It’s just great that they are able to come back from such a crappy ass top of the ninth to win the game. The team’s got spirit and they don’t give up. If we can keep playing like this it could be a damn good year.

The team is off to the west coast for two series, one with the Mariners and one with the A’s. It is like a repeat of this last week except it is on the west coast. That makes the games really hard to watch which is very unfortunate.

We had another softball game yesterday, not our finest outing to say the least. We played the producers who are loaded with people who can play really good softball. It was a little ridclious. I had an OK day at first base. Missed two grounders that I could have had. Most of the time I wasn’t really getting to do anything though cause they would hit the balls eight miles away. We had a lot of error’s. Ick. I was 1-3 at the plate with one nice single into the outfield. I struck out once which was no good. Batting is hard.

Sadly the Yankees have put together a five game win streak. On Thursday they were down 5-0 after the top of the first and managed to come back and time the game at 5 in the bottom of the first. How can you do that? Then they won 13-9. Damn Yankees. We play them again in a couple of weeks.


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