Wednesday, May 11

Walk Off Homer #1

OAKLAND 2 (14-19)

BOSTON 3 (20-13) WON 2

A very exciting game last night, very exciting. For the most part the Red Sox were baffled by the A’s pitching. Until the ninth inning Damon had three hits and Renteria one. Kevin Millar was playing pretty sloppy at first base. He had two errors that both led to runs. But he made up for it in the ninth. With the Sox down 2-1 Manny struck out looking and Big Pappi walked. Millar steps to the plate and hits the fourth pitch over the Green Monster for the win. The first walk off win of the year for the Sox. Fenway was jumping to say the least. Things just seem to be going the Sox ways these days. Bronson pitched another good game only giving up three hits. He hasn’t lost a start since sometime last July or something like that. He didn’t get the win last night but still pitched great. Damon is on some kinda tear having hit in 16 straight games and getting many multiple hit games. Manny and Papi didn’t look so great but hey these things happen. Papi hit into two really ending double plays. You can’t hit big every day.

We’re gaining ground on the O’s. 1.5 games back. The Yankees have won a few in a row. Damn. The great thing is how well the pitching staff is doing when the first two pitchers of our lineup are out. I wish we had a few less errors in the games but hopefully that will improve. Today we go for the sweep with a nice afternoon matinee. That means I get to watch it at work! Yeah.