Wednesday, April 27

I hate losing


We gave up 20 hits last night, yes 20. And we lost again. The saddest part about it is that we had an 8-3 lead. Usually with the Sox and a 5 run lead I feel pretty good about our chances. Not so this year though. Foulke came on in the 8th with an 8-7 Sox lead. First batter got a single. Next batter hit a HR and the Sox were down 9-8. A couple batters later it was 11-8 after he gave up ANOTHER 2 Run HR. TWO-TWO RUN HR’S IN ONE INNNING WHEN YOU ARE THE CLOSER IS NOT OK! Matt Clement didn’t really look so hot as the starter either giving up a bunch of hits and runs.

I missed the first 5 innings of the game last night as Trisha and I were at the vet visiting Taba. She is doing much better; she even rolled around a bit so we could rub her on her belly. We will be picking her up to bring her home tonight at 5pm. Very exciting. So when we left the vet it was 8-6 (I had Trisha call her sister to get the score) and when I got home it was 8-7. Watched the last few innings, which was not fun.

Manny had another good game with a big 3 run HR and Damon continues to hit well. I was also not too please with out two errors. We seem to be getting a lot of those this year.

I don’t like losing. I know it’s early and all that stuff but I am not to thrilled about the last few games. Sure the Sunday Devil Rays game was good but we lost two to them before that. Then we lost two to the Orioles. All the while looking like a very mediocre baseball team at the same time. We are only one game over .500 which is not so hot either. The O’s have a 3 game lead on us and the Yankees are now only a game and a half behind us. They smoked the Angels last night 12-4 and fag-rod had a 10 RBI game. This is all starting to look very familiar.

The O’s should be a team that contends this year. They are pretty damn good.

Couple other off the field things going on that make me nervous. Wells is on the 15day DL but is probably out at least a month. They bought up Lenny DiNardo from the minors to cover for him. They moved Halama into the starting rotation and DiNardo is another reliever. Today we hear that Schilling is also going to go onto the 15day DL.

That puts our two “aces” out of the starting lineup. No good. No good at all. We’ll see tomorrow what kind of shuffling goes on now.

We are supposed to play the O’s in the last game of the series today. It was a 1:05 start but it has been delayed because of the rain. I am not very optimistic that they will get it in at all. Getting swept would not be good. It is also been blacked out on MLB.TV because it is on ESPN. That is a bummer. Now I’ll have to go backstage or something if I want to watch it and that sucks.

We need some pitching help in a major way. This is our slowest start since 1999. Boo Sad.


UPDATE-Sadly today’s game was rained out. It looks flat out nasty in Boston. I thought maybe they would try and play it tonight or maybe tomorrow (since both teams are off) but that doesn’t seem to be the case. So now the next game is on Friday at Texas. That seems very far away. Two full days without some Sox baseball. Bummer. Maybe they’ll figure out what to do with the pitching situation on the two days off.


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