Monday, May 23

The Tomahawk Chop Should Be Banned

ATLANTA 3 (23-18)

BOSTON 4 (24-17) WON 1

The first venture of the season into inter-leauge play was a very good one for the Sox. Wade Miller pitched a great game and got the win. Foulke tried his hardest to give it away but managed to get the save. I like winning so much better then losing. Have I mentioned that?

New state line to watch for the season-Men Left on Base-8.

ATLANTA 7 (24-18)

BOSTON 5 (24-18) LOST 1

I like winning, I don’t like losing. Tim Wakefiled just didn’t really have it tonight and the Braves just kept building a bigger and bigger lead. We made a good effort of it towards the end and even had the game tieing run at the plat in the ninth but it didn’t work out and we got the loss. The same problem we have been having recently was in full force tonight. We put lots of men on base but didn’t really seem to want them to score.


ATLANTA 2 (24-19)

BOSTON 5 (25-18) WON 1

Matt Clement was bloody great today as he pitched the first complete game for the Sox all season. Except for a little hiccup in the 4th inning he really pitched a gem. Seven strikeouts, 4 hits, and 2 runs. A very nice outing to say the least. In the early part of the game it really seemed like we were in for the same old same old. We put lots of people on base but couldn’t seem to get them to score. Edgar “I really suck balls” Renteria struck out with bases loaded and two outs in the 2nd. The Braves where able to get there first and second guys they put on base to score. If only we could do that sometimes. Then the offensese got it in gear. Youk started it all off with a clutch RBI. Manny had a nice two run shot later in the game which was good seeing as he has been struggling quite a bit here recently. It was an all around good game. We wore the Sunday afternoon Red home jerseys, which were very cool. They are very bright though.

Today was an off day then it is off to Toronto for a three game set. This weekend the boys are playing here in NYC. Would love to go to a game but it is not really an option.

The LCT softball team had to forfeit last week cause we couldn’t scrounge together enough folks to play. I was sad.

The 2005 X-Box team continues to play well. I think they are like 52-21 or something like that. Not a ton of offense but enough to get by and a bunch of really great pitching.