Thursday, May 26

Don't Look Now

BOSTON-1 (25-20) LOST 2

TORONTO-6 (25-21)

Don't look now but the Yankees are a half game behind us after we had another pretty crappy ass game last night. We were never really in it after Brosno hit the first batter of the game. We looked like crap.
If we lose tonight we will go into the weekend series with the Yankees in 4th place with only Tampa Bay in our rear view mirror. That is not ok in my book.
Someone has finally stepped up and said the boys need to get their act together. Johnny Damon had some good things to say.

"We need to win [Thursday]," Damon said about the series finale against the Blue Jays, who have taken the first two games of this three-game set. "It's a must-win. We need to get back to that stage where every game is a must-win instead of saying, 'Oh, we'll be OK,' because it's a different year. We need to start looking at every game like we have to win."

I don't like the mediocre Red Sox. I like the good Red Sox. It will be very good for the team to get back to Fenway next week.
Hey it could be worse. We could be the Astros (Trisha's Favorite Team). They really suck.
I like Canada. I just wish the Red Sox would play better there then they have this year.