Saturday, March 24

Paperboy Returns to the Closer Role

After a spring of questions about who was going to be the closer for the season Mr Paperboy has returned to the role he did so well with last season. I'm sure he would have liked to have been in that starting rotation but I am pretty happy he is going to be back in that role. He was pretty damn lights out last year and hopefully he will continue doing the same this year. I'd be into that. I feel like we got a pretty kicking starting roation anyway. I keep having flashbacks to last year though. Going into the season I thought we had a rotaiton that was un-stopable. Then people got hurt and such and it all went to hell. With Schilling, Dice-K, Beckett, and Wakefield I think we'll be allright. Looks like Julian Tavarez might take the other rotation spot. Not so sure how I feel about that but I'll get over it. Anything will be better then Rudy Seanez from last year. Oyyy.
I've been trying to pay closer attention to the spring games but it's kind of hard. They play during the day, people appear in the line-up that you've never heard of and all kinds of things like that. The regualr season is knocking on the door though and soon it will be here. Yeah for that.
There was great story about Papi a week or so ago. Last season he met a kid who was going off to Iraq. What a stupid war that is, when will GW ever figure that out. Geez. I digress. So Papi spent a day with this guy and had a good old time. THe guy died at the begining of this month and when Papi found out about it he was devestated. He sent the family a bunch of stuff including an autographed baseball to put in the coffin. Papi is an all around solid guy. He rocks. I think it's a littl odd that he has a little punt dog but I'll get over it.
In other exciting news the Ramrods will be returning for another fun filled season of kickball next week. Stay tuned for updates as we try and win a few games but more importantlly have a lot of fun.

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