Monday, February 26

Manny in the House

Ladies and Gentleman.....Mannnnyyyy Rammmmmirrreeeezzz
A scruffy looking Manny reported to camp today. 2 days early. Cool.
His agent got grilled by some reporters with a bunch of dumb ass questions. Maybe if people didn't pester him with so much annoying shit he wouldn't be bothered by the Boston Media. There is some big flap about Manny agreeing to do a car show instead of going to camp. He didn't go to the car show so who cares. Let's move on. Enough of the badgering.
He stepped right into some BP against Dice-K. In a 75 pitch session with some good hitters the only hit off Dice-K was a little single up the middle by Big Papi. I think this guy is going to be the shit.
It's exciting to see scruffy Manny swinging the bat.
First Spring game is day after tomorrow. That's cool.

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